A Newcastle Libraries membership gives you 24-hour access to hundreds of eBooks, eAudiobooks and digital magazines from the comfort of your home or on the move.

We have two apps which give you access to this digital content:


Borrowbox gives you access to loads of eBooks and eAudiobooks - the latest titles, award winners , non-fiction and the classics. You can:

  • Download up to 5 eBooks at a time to a home computer or mobile device
  • Download up to 5 eAudiobooks at a time to a home computer or mobile device

See our guide to getting started with the BorrowBox app.

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We use OverDrive's Libby for eMagazines - it has the latest issues of your favourite magazines for all ages and interests. You can borrow an unlimited number of eMagazines and read them on your home computer or mobile device.

You can also access the latest issues of thousands of newspapers from the UK and around the globe. Simply select Pressreader on the Libby app.

See our guide on how to download and get started with the Libby app.
To use Libby on your home computer instead, simply go to the Libby website.
You can also use the Libby Help pages if you need more details.

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